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Patient Testimonials

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and our reviews show it! Check out what our clients have to say about our team at Madison Square Dentistry…

“Dr.Do has been my dentist for years. He is also my husband’s dentist as well as my family and friends’ dentist. We all agree that Dr. Do and his staff are wonderful. His expertise goes beyond general dentistry. He is skilled in all the latest techniques. His equipment is state of the art. He has a gentle touch and goes out of his way to make sure you are comfortable throughout even the simplestprocedure. He is not only exceptional in practical skills but his artist talents makes him number one when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. It is hard to believe I ever had a phobia of going to the dentist. I actually look forward to my routine visits because of the welcome I get from his friendly staff.”

– Linda, Temecula, CA

Murrieta, CA

I had been wanting braces for my over-crowded, crooked teeth for years. When my family finally found Madison Square Dentistry, we knew we had come to the right place. The staffs were always kind, helpful, and accommodating, and were very sensitive to my individual needs. My braces were only on for a year and with their specialized orthodontics I was able to receive the smile I had always hoped for.

Brittiana E. – Murrieta, CA –  3/21/2013

Dr. Do and his staff are incredible.  I have been a patient and a friend for over 7 years.  Dr. Do is thorough, gentle, and kind.  He truly cares about his patients AND their pocket books!  My entire family uses Madison Square Dentistry and we wouldn’t use anyone else. Both of my kids have had their braces with Dr. Do and the results are beautiful.  If you’re looking for a fantastic dentist and an awesome staff – look no further than Madison Square Dentistry!

Tuffy A. – Murrieta, CA – 3/11/2013

Dr. Do has restored my faith in dentists!  After a very traumatic experience with my last dentist, who had no chair side manner and is oblivious to the fact that dentistry sometimes causes the patient pain, it took a long time to work up the courage to sit in that chair again.  Dr. Do is friendly, explains everything he’s doing, and takes every precaution to ensure his patient is comfortable and not in pain. His staffs also reflect his warm, caring nature.  This is what a trip to the dentist should be like!!

C.E. – Murrieta, CA – 1/17/2013

I had my veneers done with Dr. Do, his work as well as the service provided by his staff was excellent! Everyone is so friendly and accommodating. My smile is perfect now and the cleaning process is painless and easy! All of their equipment is high-tech and clean! I haven’t had any cavities or issues in years!  HIGHLY recommend Madison Square Dentistry to anyone looking for a friendly and high-quality dentist!

JT – San Diego, CA – 12/17/2012

A friendly and clean office. Dr. Do is a great dentist and makes you feel comfortable and does great work! All of their tools are high-tech and top of the line–makes a cleaning simple and quick. Never before have I looked forward to going to the dentist but the environment of the office is great here! Dr. Do has been my dentist for almost 2 years and I have yet to have a cavity! By far the best dentist in town!


I came to Madison Square Dentistry about 9 years ago because a previous dentist did not properly seat my crowns (4).  As they were coming off, one by one, Dr. Do was able to repair them and seat them properly.  He has a gentle touch and is very sensitive to his patient’s feelings.  The entire office staff made me very comfortable and they became second family to me.  I would recommend Madison Square Dentistry to anyone who is dissatisfied with their current dentist.  He redefines a dentist.  Caring, gentle and knowledgeable.

Linda W. – Murrieta, CA – 12/12/2012

Well, have you ever had the opportunity to have to find a new dentist?  I just did.  I have had the same dentist since I have lived here in Murrieta since 2001.  I had to do my due diligence and find the one that was not in it to just get me out.  I looked on Yelp to find some dentist’s in Murrieta, spent about 2 hours reading reviews, going from dentist to dentist.  I was impressed by what I saw on Madison Square Dentistry, all positive and I thought I would first send them an email from their web site to see about coming in the next day because, yes I was in pain because I waited too long to get my tooth fixed.  I was doing this all on my Ipad yesterday (Monday night) while watching Monday Night Football.  In less than 15 min of sending my email, Dr. Do himself sent me a reply and was ready to see me first thing in the morning.  In the world of a slow economy I am very impressed by a practice that puts so much emphasis on customer service.  I showed up, they got me in, and he started working like a pro.  His staffs made me feel comfortable, jeez they even have Wi-Fi, and I’m bringing my Ipad next time.  It’s about 6 hours after my procedure and it feels great. Great experience all the way around. Thank you Dr. Do and staff

Dan L. – Murrieta, CA – 12/11/2012

I totally agreed with or the above comments.  The best dentist in town.  I have been here in Murrieta for over twelve years, I have changed dentist offices so many times as I was not happy with the dentists or with the services they provided.  I’m so happy with the services that I have received here.  Dr. Do has earned my trust with his knowledge and experiences in dentistry.  I have him replace the implant which was done and redone by other dentist.  His work is excellent.  I currently have braces done by him.  I totally have confidence in his work.  Keep up the good work, Dr. Do!

Christine T. – Murrieta, CA – 10/24/2012

Doctor Do at Madison Square Dentistry has been our family dentist since we moved from San Diego to Murrieta in 2001.  We can say that being with Doctor Do is a complete joy and we love the family atmosphere.  We have been able to compare his office to others in the area.  We took our daughter to an office off of Winchester road when she needed braces because Doctor Do was not providing this service at that time.  This particular office was large and high tech but it lacked the family feel.  It was more of an assembly line feel then that of a “Hi, how are you; we appreciate you.”  Not that the staff was unfriendly, they were very friendly it was the high volume of patients.  Our youngest son will have his braces removed soon, which was done at Madison Square Dentistry office.  The outcome “a beautiful smile” is the same.  The way we feel after leaving his office vs. the other is priceless.  If you like the feel of one on one care and going to an office where the Doctor and all the staff know your name than you need not look any further than the Madison Square Dentistry office.  I know that sounded like a commercial but it is hard to put in words just how happy our family truly is with the care we receive from Doctor Do.

Pascal D. – Murrieta, CA – 9/23/2012

Dr. Do was a great help. Had an abscess? That was way too long in needing treatment.  He took me in even though it was closing time, spent a good hour doing I don’t even wanna know what…but came out of there smiling like a freak! And not only that…I actually fell asleep during the procedure…gentle doctor he is.  My jaw felt so great not having that throbbing pain. Good part problem fixed, bad part…I left it alone too long and now need a root canal done.

Bob D – Murrieta, CA – 5/10/2012

Dr. Do is by far THE BEST dentist that I have come across. He takes pride in all his work no matter how small the procedure may be. He made me feel so comfortable right off of the bat and I am so lucky to have found him. If you are looking for a new dentist, this is the ONE!

Brittany F. – Menifee, CA – 11/17/2012

Everyone here on Yelp is right!  Dr. Do is awesome! I just left today and he is really good.  My other dentist was booked until JUNE, JUNE!  I understand being popular but that is a little crazy for me to wait.  I called yesterday and they were able to see me today!  The staff is super polite, super-efficient and surprisingly inexpensive.  They don’t recommend useless treatments or try to sell you on anything you don’t need.  I asked for a braces consultation just to see if their pricing was better than an orthodontist that I saw in Temecula and it was 1700 dollars cheaper!!  $1700 CHEAPER!  I mean that just goes to show you that they understand that having a healthy smile isn’t only for those with a million dollars!

Annie R. – Murrieta, CA – 3/28/2013

I finally found a dentist I can trust. He was straightforward and honest. He wasn’t on my dental HMO, so I dropped the HMO and kept the dentist.

Jeremy S. – Murrieta, CA – 9/28/2012

My 13 year old son needed braces…that is not a small problem.  It is a large investment of time and money so it’s important that you choose the right professional.  I interviewed 6 different orthodontics professionals in the area.  Somewhere more somewhere a little less (most if not all had hidden fees that really upset me)…some I felt like I was a number and others tried to mesmerize my son with video games and fun stuff. When it all said and done Dr. Do was the most professional, most caring, reasonably priced, great staff, NO smoke and mirrors ( like other were), honest and forth coming with information, and all around the best choice!
It takes a great deal for me to refer or even give a testimony about someone because in most cases people/businesses are not extraordinary, they are ok….Dr. Do and his staff are beyond my expectations and, in my opinion, extraordinary!

This is one of the best investments I have made for my family.

Thank you Dr. Do!

Dione Moser – President
Coworking Connection, Inc. – 6/1/2012

I was referred to Dr. Do after 10 years of not seeing a dentist.  Obviously I was concerned not only with what he would find but how I would be treated.  Dr. Do was amazing and very professional.  He just assessed the situation and did the work that needed to be done without any pain or lecturing.  I was so pleased with the experience that I referred some of my students for braces.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Steven W. – Temecula, CA – 6/18/2012

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