How Do You Live with Invisalign

Sometimes, you may find that after you have had Invisalign, it may seem a little uncomfortable. If your dentist has determined that Invisalign is what you need to help straighten your teeth, you also need to understand what you should do to live with them. Invisalign may be a preferable choice over braces, but it will require some little work to see that the treatment works for you. Here is what you will need to do:

Wearing the Aligner Tray

Wear the aligner trays for about 22 hours every day. Invisalign can help you straighten the teeth without other people seeing the trays. When eating, you need to remove the aligner to prevent damaging it when chewing. Also, when you remove the aligners, food particles cannot get stuck in them. Avoid chewing gum when you have the aligners in your mouth. It is going to ruin it. If you want to drink beverages, you can use a straw to prevent the drinks from getting on to the aligner.

Cleaning the Invisalign

When you wear Invisalign, it may make the mouth to be dry – this could lead to increased growth of bacteria. As a result of the bacteria, you may have bad breath or even tooth decay. You may want to brush, floss, as well as use mouthwash to clean your mouth at least three times in a day. This way, you will keep bacteria under control.

Dealing with Discomfort

It’s likely that you will experience some discomfort when you first wear Invisalign. The gums may become sore and irritated. The teeth may at times ache because you are pushing them into a new position. You may also have difficulties in speaking during the first days after starting using the aligners. These problems will go away with time as you get used to the Invisalign.

Do you want to straighten your teeth? There are many options available and working out things with an orthodontist can help find out whether you need braces or Invisalign. Let Madison Square Dentistry help you restore your smile.

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