How to Stylize Your Braces with Colorful Elastic Bands

The dentist has just stated that you have to wear braces for the next 18 months or so. You should not feel down because after all, you will achieve that Hollywood smile you have always dreamt of. What next? Who said you cannot look great in your braces? Whoever did lied because with braces you can still be a fashionista and look fabulous in them. One of the many parts that braces have, the elastic bands, are often changed after 4 to 6 weeks and these bands allow you to play around with the different colors. What color should you go for?

Elastic Band Colors for Darker skin

While some colors complement a certain complexion, others don’t. So if you are darker in complexion colors such as turquoise, green, violet, dark blue, gold, orange and pink are good options to explore. Depending on how adventurous you are, you can pick any of those colors and match with your outfit or favorite team color. Add glamour to your braces!

Colored Braces Bands for Lighter skin

If you are lighter you may explore colors like light red, dark blue, darker shades of purple, bronze and light blue. Since you are visiting your dentist monthly, you may alternate colors and wow your friends by showing them that having braces could be this fun. When you are unsure on what color to go for, you may ask your orthodontist for a hand in picking the right color.

Band Colors To Avoid

In as much as there are very many colors in your orthodontist’s’ office and you want to go for your favorite one, take caution about choosing some colors. Lighter colors usually make the teeth yellow while darker ones give an illusion of whiter teeth.

Yellow bands in particular exaggerate the appearance of yellow teeth while white may seem to be a safer color, it is not a good choice since it stains easily and can also make your teeth look more yellow. Colors such as black and green are not good candidates likewise as they mimic rotting and stuck food respectively.

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