What Is the Greatest Threat to Your Dental Health?

Dental problems can make life a misery and ruin your overall health. A toothache may be so painful that you are unable to cope with the pain, it can even make you miss days at work. Taking care of your teeth and gums not only creates a solid smile but also promotes your health. Many people don’t know the kind of harm they subject themselves to when they neglect their oral health. Poor dental health can result in complications like diabetes, premature births, stroke, dementia, low birth weight, lung and heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. Knowing the threats to your oral health can help you take measures to prevent dental problems from occurring.

Use of Tobacco

Everyone knows that tobacco products can harm gums and teeth. Chewing and smoking tobacco makes the gums tissue to deteriorate, it causes the enamel to grind away and wear down. People who smoke tend to have receding gums, something that exposes the roots of their teeth leading to tooth sensitivity and decay. Besides, most smokeless tobacco products contain sugars in form of sweeteners, and you know that sugar is the worst enemy to your oral health.

Poor Diet

Nutrition is an essential element of your periodontal health. The kind of food you take can determine how healthy your teeth and gums are. When you take sugars, they feed bacteria to the mouth causing tooth decay and cavities. It is estimated that over 50 percent of Americans take at least a soda every day. Such sugary beverages are considered the biggest cause of tooth decay. In addition to sugar, a diet that doesn’t contain sufficient nutrients can harm your oral health. When the body doesn’t get sufficient nutrients it is unable to effectively fight infections and diseases including those that affect your gums and teeth.

If you don’t take regular visits to your dentist, you may not get the preventive care that is needed to help promote your oral health. Skipping dental visits is a big problem for your dental health. You may want to visit Madison Square Dentistry to get complete dental care.

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