What You Need to Know Before Extracting an Impacted Tooth

Impacted teeth are those that do not erupt or grow to emerge from the gum tissue within their expected time of development. The teeth may remain buried inside the tissue and at times, they may never come out. Impacted teeth, unless they are extracted or exposed through surgical procedures may be retained by a person in their life.

Most of the impacted teeth are wisdom teeth or the last four of a person’s 32 teeth. They are also called third molars. When they are impacted, there is not enough room in the mouth to allow them to push out above the gum tissue. The teeth may also try to come out in the sides or they could remain tilted within the jaw. It is also likely that an impacted tooth is painless and you might not realize it’s in place.

If an impacted tooth pushes through the gum, there may be a flap on top that can be infected and swollen. When this happens, you may have painful gums and teeth and the ear may ache. A tooth is impacted when there is an excess amount of soft tissue and the overlying bone is dense. The inadequate arc space alongside the length does not allow the tooth to grow above the gum tissue.

The impaction may be categorized into soft, complete, and partial. Soft tissue impaction occurs when the crown of a tooth tries to penetrate through but it is covered by gum. Sometimes, you may have the tooth partially erupting, however, there still exists some part of the jawbone. In this case, we are talking of partial impaction.

In the case where you have the tooth wholly encased by your jawbone, it is referred to as complete body impaction. Again, impacted teeth may or may not show symptoms, and if left untreated, a person may develop tooth cavity or gum disease. Madison Square Dentistry can help you with problems associated with impacted tooth and other dental treatments.

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